I want more


The project I created for the Artists’ Soup Kitchen is an interactive performative exercise that asks the audience to consider the action of asking for more. Inspired by the initial curatorial prompt of offering a soup kitchen for artists, I chose to explore the idea of class structure and the power dynamic of wanting, and asking for more, whether the desire is social, economic, or abstract.

I chose to stage a lunch where each person’s meal is scaled down to a miniature version of a balanced lunch. Artist-visitors are encouraged (and even required) to raise their ‘hand’ [an edition of 100 wooden cut-out hands with the text ‘I want more’ branded on each] to ask for more food in order to get a fair serving. Using the wooden hand as a starting point, attendees are encouraged to engage with each other and consider what s/he as an artist might want more of, perhaps more inspiration, support, dialogue, or attention…For me, what I find most curious is the individual’s process of recognizing when s/he wants more, what it is s/he wants more of, and subsequently how and why s/he eventually chooses to make her/his desire known.

Curated by the Starving Artists Collective (Catherine Clarke, Jess Dobkin, and Stephanie Springgay)
Photographs by Julie Smitka

Additional thanks to volunteers/performers:
Kate Barry
Alison Creba
Kathleen Edwards
Leanne Gillard
Arden Hagedorn
Adam Herst
Johanna Householder
Sandra Liu
David Reyes
Sean Smith
Connie Tsang
Karen Wielonda
Rick Saulnier