Untitled [black + grey], Snow Days series


Untitled [black + grey]
looped video and paired digital displays
individually powered, remote control
dimensions: 17″ x 8″ x 3″

Additional installation views from Snow Days Exhibition at Labspace Studio:

I have been paying attention to people’s feet as they walk. Everyone’s moving at a quicker pace during the cold winter season. The patterns they create, and how pairs of feet move in relation to other pairs of feet, all in loose formations. They’ve reminded me of snowflakes, rain, rhythmic drops, seeming to never quite collide. I think of these as video-paintings.

This video project was made as part of Labspace Studio‘s collaborative art project and exhibition, Snowdays curated by John Loerchner, Laura Mendes and Gram Schmalz. View related project material on my website here, or at the Snowdays website.

exhibition history:
First Impressions, Port Loggia Gallery, 2012 (Canada); Art + Drinks, 2011 (Canada); Canadian Art Hop Gala, 2011 (Canada); snow days, Labspace Studio, 2010 (Canada)