squeeze.unripe (w/ ROOM_212)


squeeze.unripe: week 1 - sep01

squeeze.unripe: week 2 - sep08

squeeze.unripe : week 3 - sep15

squeeze.unripe : week 4 - sep22

squeeze.unripe : week 5 - sep29

squeeze.unripe is a 10 hour exercise in brainstorming,
followed by a year-long investigation of those brainstormed idea.

This project takes its cue from Shannon Cochrane‘s original performance I have an idea (1996), which used cue cards with the stamped text ‘I HAVE AN IDEA’.

My initial brainstorming exercise was performed in association with Siya Chen’s project ROOM_212 (or http://room212.org), at the Gladstone Hotel’s studio space in Toronto. I spent a 10 hour day with the occasional drop-in visitor, jotting down and tracking passing ideas for potential projects.

I wrote 1 ‘unripe’ project idea on a stamped cue card, rolled it up, and put each rolled cue card into a yellow balloon capsule for safe-keeping. Visitors were offered the opportunity to participate by donating their ‘unripe’ idea(s) to this ongoing project. At the end of the night I slit each balloon releasing its air to creating a long chain of ideas encased in yellow rubber sleeves.

Photos courtesy of Siya Chen and the artist (Special thanks to Tad and Dave)

This project extends beyond the ROOM_212 performance>>
Beginning September 1, 2010 I will open one balloon a week and post each unripe idea on my website; I will spend (at least) 1 week thinking about each idea in the hope of developing some of those inspiration points into full projects.