Snow Days : with Labspace Studio


From Labspace Studio directors/curators Laura Mendes and John Loerchner and artist/independent curator Gram Schmalz:
“Snow Days is an arts-based research project exploring the creative process through the lens of 28 people as they maneuver through one of the coldest months of the year.”

My motivation:
I’m interested in the challenge of this project, as I’ve found myself vulnerable to the affects of Canadian winters. My own creativity and productivity slow down significantly during this season; This call offers an opportunity to explore my particular ‘winter-block’, encouraging me to seek inspiration in the season that usually sends me into creative and social hibernation.

My snow day: February 22
[Documentation from my snow day used in a video mosaic experiment.]

Untitled from Labspace Studio on Vimeo.

I have been paying attention to people’s feet as they walk. Everyone’s moving at a quicker pace during the cold winter season. The patterns they create, and how pairs of feet move in relation to other pairs of feet, all in loose formations. They’ve reminded me of snowflakes, rain, rhythmic drops, seeming to never quite collide. So today I went out to document mobs of passing feet during rush hours. This is my first quick experiment using one of today’s clips.