Show your work


Show your work, install view
Photo courtesy of Arts Nova Scotia

Show your work (2015)
site-specific multi-channel video installation
for Halifax Central Public Library
34 minutes, looped

Install view
Photo courtesy of Rick Saulnier

Any opportunity to create a temporary, site-specific installation in public space is a welcome conundrum. The labour that takes place throughout this particular kind of art-making process often involves lengthy e-mails, meetings, discussions, site-visits, negotiations, correspondence from a distance, and input from many newly acquainted players. This video installation is an opportunity to show my work as the artist, literally, in a way that binds the actual art-making labour with the final installed work. Thank you to all those who were involved.

Install view
Photo courtesy of Rick Saulnier

Thank you to IOTA and Mireille Bourgeois, Halifax Central Library, and Centre for Art Tapes. Special thank you to Rick Saulnier.