Sheer Tactual

Sheer Tactual, April 2008
11 minutes

video collaboration with my mother

using objects belonging to my mother’s mother.

This is an exploration of matriarchal family curated objects that have passed through the hands of my mother’s mother, my mother, and myself. I knew my grandmother from childhood visits to my mother’s family home in Taipei, Taiwan. She passed when I was 8 years old, when my mother was 36 years old. I attempt to experience my grandmother’s presence through touch, smell, sight, taste, memory, and my mother.

video stills:

exhibition history:

Fresh Paint/New Construction, Art Mûr, 2013 (Montréal, Canada); UNTAPPED, The Artist Project, 2011 (Toronto, Canada); Art Lounge, University of Toronto Art Centre, 2008 (Toronto, Canada); Denouement, Labspace Studio (Toronto, Canada)