relative [concrete blocks]


performance and video installation with sculpture

Stemming from the word ‘raw’, I find a recurring set vocabulary that I attempt to address in this work; ideas of security/insecurity, erasure and cleansing, memory and human relationships.

I work within this range of themes in exploring familial dynamics and opposing tensions, paying close attention to materiality, gesture, and abstract form. In my approach to the physical construction of this sculpture, I adhered to a palette of materials that have inherent qualities of weightiness, solidity, and resistance. I use my body in a performance during the ‘assembly’ of the final sculpture, by bringing separate elements of the installation into closer proximity.

Physical sculpture:
2 concrete blocks, each approximately 14 in x 14 in x 10 in, each block weighing approximately 95 lbs.

A performance using both concrete blocks takes place at the site of installation, at least one day previous to the event. A document of the previous day’s performance is projected onto the assembled sculpture.

video stills:

exhibition history:

Sculpture Studio, University of Toronto Scarborough, 2008 (Canada); U of T Celebration of the Arts, The Multi-faith Centre, 2009 (Toronto, Canada)

supported by:

ArtsZone, University of Toronto