NOW.LIMINAL is a further exploration of how online communication technology can allow one to overcome certain physical distance as well as the sense of isolation often fostered by an environment overwrought by technological advancement.

Like many others, I am curious about why so many of us are compelled to participate in social networking technologies in life and in art. What makes the format of NOW.LIMINAL interesting to me is its insistence on personal 1-to-1 interaction, purposeful communication, and the potential for creating a shared sense of intimacy, regardless of distance and technological mediation.

The performances offered here have been thoughtfully proposed, with the specific hope of triggering an intimate relational experience where both you and the artist can engage in dialogue through both speech and gesture. Instead of passively allowing the pace of our culture overwhelm me, I am eager to investigate the infinite possibilities that this new media has to offer, and to make a creative connection with someone I would otherwise never meet.

exhibition history:

Status Update, The Doris McCarthy Gallery, 2010 (Scarborough, Canada)