Moments Intercepted Project


From June 6 to July 6 collaborators from across North America will participate in a month-long creative challenge dubbed the “Moments Intercepted Project.”

Big moments, small moments, private moments and public moments will be shared and collected, one by one, and made available here in our digital archive for all to see.

How the project works?
For an entire month, collaborators will respond to a series of random, creative challenges sent to them via text message and email. You can view my responses archived on this project page or at the (re)collection project website.

Challenge 7: Create something from garbage
[ Still life with mulberries ]

Challenge 5: Make or take a portrait of a stranger
[ Not my watermelon ]

Discarded after being devoured, a remnant
Unknown picnicker, Hanlan’s Point, June 2011.

Challenge 3: Reveal something hidden
[ nose ]

Thanks R and E.

Challenge 1: Turn something green
[ turn and spin ]