Mi 咪


Installation and video work presented at Fleishman Gallery
Curated by Rochelle Holt

Opening Reception October 16th 7-9pm
Show on view from October 16th to November 20th

Fleishman Gallery and WonderWorks Bookstore at 79a Harbord Street (west of Spadina Ave.), Toronto

Photographs courtesy of David Reyes

The exhibition, Mi, includes a wall-mounted paper grid which documents calligraphy practice of elementary-level traditional Chinese vocabulary and family vernacular, examining each character’s construction and pronunciation.

The video component, Untitled (She Me), features a dream-like narrative that is projected as a continuous loop. The video, presented as a triptych, attempts to reveal the various manifestations of femininity that compete within certain social structures such as family, gender and nationality. The video contains no dialogue, instead opting to communicate through a vernacular of gesture to find relationships between tradition, gender and identity. The subtitle, ‘She-Me’ refers both to the phonetic Chinese pronunciation of ‘wash rice’ as well as the self-reflective quality of the video’s world of interiors.