Long Shade for Restless Precinct




Long Shade, part of Restless Precinct.

Restless Precinct, is a site specific, group exhibition and performance series developed by curatorial collective SUM°, which transforms Scarborough’s Guildwood Park through engagement with the landscape, architectural fragments and communities that populate and absent the site. Through multiple creative interventions, the following artists re-imagine the material and ideological foundations of The Guild, producing counter-histories of place, home, and memory. The exhibition runs Saturday May 17- Saturday June 14, 2014.

Long Shade
Dismantled in 1966 and relocated to the Guild of All Arts, this marble archway and columns were part of the original architectural elements that adorned The Bank of Toronto on the South West corner of King Street West and Bay Street, the site now occupied by Toronto Dominion Bank. This historical bank remnant is re-imagined as past and present through markings on the lawn that evoke its original scale, and shadow. These architectural and historical entities, even as disparate remnants, continue to cast shadows in contemporary culture. The drawn shadow of this vestige, along with its outline on the adjoining lawn, freeze the structure in time.  Through this gesture, the work shifts a marker of Canadian colonial history and commerce as a souvenir of something past, but also ever present.

Participating artists, collectives and partners include:
Alana Bartol in collaboration with Community Arts Guild youth group, Alize Zorlutuna, Annie Onyi Cheung, Bonnie Devine, Brendan Fernandes, Camille Turner, Camal Pirbhai, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Elise Rasmussen, Jamelie Hassan, KAPWA Collective, Victoria Freeman, First Story Toronto Bus Tour.