Knowhere: An interactive go karting experience


[Gram Schmalz and Annie preparing to race. Photography by Suzan Cheung.]

This competitive exercise in communication draws from popular gaming frameworks that utilize the instability of communication, language, and expectation between 2 individuals. This interactive performance pushes participants and performers to engage in a real and physical race, while adapting to certain displacement, both physically and perceptually.

We held 2 car races at the go kart track, beginning at 12:30pm sharp on Sunday, July 10th.

Artists Gram Schmalz and Tad Hozumi both performed in this work with me! Special thanks to them, and Rick Saulnier for documenting the event. Thanks also to Maggie Flynn and Suzan Cheung for helping with coordination during the performance.


Audience were invited to participate
We ran a series of 6 2-car races. Below are the instructions that were given to the audience.

1.) There will be 3 trained performance drivers, who will need the audience’s help to navigate the track.

2.) We will be asking for 2 audience members to participate in each race, and each audience member will select an ‘avatar’ performance driver from the trained performers.

3.) Each performance driver will be outfitted with a wireless camera framing the driver’s point of view, that feeds to a hand-held monitor, in the hands of the audience participant that chose her/him.

4.) Each of the 2 audience participants will watch her/his monitor and ‘control’ a trained performance driver by giving them verbal directions from a distance (over walkie-talkies): “Adjust your camera angle down, turn left, wide left, faster, slow down, sharp turn to the right, you just passed the other car, you’re approaching the finish!” etc.

5.) Prizes will be awarded to each audience participant race winner.