Kiss II (outdoor projections)


4 channel outdoor video projection
70 minutes, looped

This installation further developed “The Kiss”, a video installation.

The images on each video channel specifically relate to one another, and are displayed as pairings of independently produced ‘video portraits’. I have created a looped series of 4 video projections, focusing on the gesture of The Kiss, using closely framed video images of faces enacting a kiss.

Each performer has been filmed independently, performing the gesture without a partner.
Each performer’s face has been filmed from two perspectives: Frontal, and profile.

This is an exploration into human intimacy through the use of the architectural boundaries and structural obstructions, the amplified scale of the body, as well as an intent focus on the human face captured in a moment of uncommon vulnerability and familiarity.

The intended effect is to bridge gaps where intimacy does not usually exist. Architectural spaces often house innumerable tenants who scarcely connect. This installation will allow performers and viewers to connect with those they may never meet, through spirit, time and space, by sharing this simple and universal gesture.

Sincerest thanks to all participant performers:

Adam, Alexander, Alise, Annie, Asad, Caitlin, Carl, Claire, David, Deanna, Emma, Erin, Joanna, Jonathan, Jon, Kim, Lannie, Laura, Leanne, Lora, Marla, Matthew, Meg, Mimi, Natalie, Nayeon, Paul, Rick, Risa, Russel, Shannon, Tharmila, Van, Vika, and Will

exhibition history:

Art Side Out, University of Toronto at Scarborough, 2008 (Canada); U of T Celebration of the Arts, Arts & Administration Building, University of Toronto at Scarborough, 2009 (Canada)

supported by:

University of Toronto ArtsZone; University of Toronto Arts Collective