Images Festival 2010: Your Own Worst Anomie


Mon 5 Apr 2010 9:00pm – 10:00pm
@ Workman Arts

S is for Student: Your Own Worst Anomie
Curated by Annie Onyi Cheung (U of T), Meelad Moaphi (York), Dylin North (OCAD)c

S is for Student: Your Own Worst Anomie

Related Opening: Student Appreciation Party and Images Festival Lounge Mon 5 Apr 2010 10:00pm – 1:00am

Sponsored by York University (Department of Film & Video) Sponsored by Vtape Sponsored by Frame Discreet 8mm film house
Sponsored by Gulf Islands Film & Television School

Performance Trailer
Director Keith Cole (2010, Live Performance, Canada)

Head Head
Director Martin Jehle (2008, 6 min, Video, Germany)

175 175
Director David Gutierrez Camps (2009, 5 min, Video, Spain)

Shoreline Shoreline
Director Omer Gal (2009, 9 min, Video, Israel)

Csavargó (Tramp) Csavargó (Tramp)
Director Linda Dombrovszky (2009, 12 min, Video, Hungary)

The Salariat in Parts The Salariat in Parts
Director Zachary Epcar (2009, 11 min, Video, USA)

Moonwalk Moonwalk
Director Martin Kohout (2008, 2 min, Video, Germany)

(cupping) (cupping)
Director Brad Tinmouth (2009, 4 min, Video, Canada)

Autocasting Autocasting
Director Jose Luis Soto Ruvalcaba (2009, 11 min, Video, Spain)

Sahara Mosaic Sahara Mosaic
Director Fern Silva (2009, 10 min, Video, USA)

Curators: Dylin North, Meelad Moaphi & Annie Onyi Cheung