Paper sculpture and performance

Dimensions: 8 x 5 ft (unfolded flag without frame)
Materials: newspaper, adhesive

photographs courtesy of the artist and Patrick Joseph Mifsud:

This piece explores two dominant systems of ‘belief’ in North American culture; nationalism and economics, both relating heavily to the politics of power within a developed nation, such as Canada. The piece takes its form as a burial-size flag and is woven from strips of newspaper taken from 2008 financial news pages. By fusing two symbolic forms the work speaks to the implications of our country (as well as other developed countries) placing such deep and devoted faith in these two fluctuating, and ultimately fallible ideals.

The paper flag was used in and displayed with a documented performance in which 2 people enact an American flag-folding ceremony. The flag is currently framed. In the past the work has both been hung and displayed in its folded form.

exhibition history:

Fresh Paint/New Construction, Art Mûr, 2013 (Canada); Free (Or Best Offer), Ed Video Media Arts Centre, 2013 (Canada); Gallery 1265, 2008 (Canada); Chancellor’s Exhibition, Simcoe Hall at University of Toronto, 2009 (Canada)