walking chimes, Field Trip Project


Visit Field Trip Project’s official website to follow the traveling exhibition with the wonderful Chie Kajiwara and Daisuke Takeya and their amazing team of volunteers, and find more information on how to participate, support, and donate to the project!

I would like to offer the subtle sounds of wind chimes, while harnessing the sounds of your neighbourhoods, as this backpack travels from site to site, country to country. By creating a mobile and traveling wind chime backpack, my hope is that the uplifting sounds of chimes, generated by the rhythm of walking and the wind, will be a welcome reminder and aural contribution to the good energy and flow that exist in the neighbourhoods and sites visited during Field Trip outings. The journey will occasionally be traced in an audio recording while the backpack is in motion, capturing the energetic sounds of the many people and neighbourhoods that will be visited over the course of the project.

Architects, John McMinn and Melana Janzen created a design that restructures old Japanese elementary school backpacks and adapts them for this traveling exhibition, curated by Daisuke Takeya for Daichi Projects.