Envelop Red :: 包紅


I have spent over 2 years so far developing  this idea, considering the gestures required of me in order to achieve my end goal. In that time span my feelings about this project have varied tremendously, from feeling zealous and rebellious, to nervous, hesitant, and finally guilty and somewhat insecure.

A prototype was made in 2008 using substituted materials.

Envelop Red is my attempt to create the real thing: An enveloping red object that is celebratory and critical, that both protects and destroys its intended contents.

Currently a work in progress, I will document and trace this slow process (and progress).

Between June 2008 – June 2009 I put off pursuing the project due to financial constraints.

Between July 2009 – March 2010 I consult with peers and mentors.
I have been curious for feedback regarding cultural, artistic, and legal implications.

As of April 2010 I begin to research and source materials.

As of July 2010 I have my materials ready.
A total investment of $691.32 CAD.
Thank you to my family for their support and generousity in helping me collect the appropriate materials.

As of August 2010 I have prepared my tools.
New mat and blades purchased, and new safe container to keep this work in progress in tact.
Still wavering on making my first cut.

…check back for updates.