walking chimes: Corktown to Rosedale


Video still, Walking chimes: Corktown to Rosedale (Delivery walk)

I took my Field Trip Project randoseru (randoseru = a Japanese elementary school back pack) on its first field trip outing around Toronto. The randoseru I altered now contains wind chimes that sound with the movement of your body.

This video mixes field recordings and visuals from the delivery trip, as I made my way to meet Daisuke Takeya (curator/artist), to hand him my re-outfitted randoseru for the Field Trip Project. Daisuke will take all of the artists’ randoseru back to Japan to start the exhibition, which will travel around areas of Japan and return to Canada next year.

A preview of this video will be made available shortly.

Find out more about the Field Trip Project, and walking chimes randoseru.

exhibition history:
Onagawa Festival of Light, 2013 (Japan)