cable knots club (Scarborough)


cable knots club is a participatory performance and workshop, presented as part of the cable knots project. cable knot [booklet] is an illustrated artist book that accompanies the workshop.

cable knots (2014-present) is a series that plays with traditional and contemporary cultural practices. The work is ongoing and cumulative, combining performance, sculpture, and craft. The knots adhere to traditional Chinese knot templates, and are tied from used electronics cables. The project explores intersections between cultural knowledge, memory, technology and materiality.

cable knots club (Scarborough) was part of the exhibition In the Shadow of Paradise curated by Tiffany Schofield, at Y+ Contemporary.

In the Shadow of Paradise is an exhibition bringing together work by three contemporary artists with roots in Scarborough – Annie Onyi Cheung, Anique J Jordan, and Deirdre Logue.

The opening reception featured a participatory performance by Annie Onyi Cheung, presented as part of her cable knots series. Visitors were invited to bring their old electronics cables and engage in a collective knot tying process with the artist. Thank you to Alan Peng for video documentation of the event.

In the Shadow of Paradise was presented as part of Myseum Intersections (#MyseumX), an annual festival of exhibits exploring different perspectives on the city’s natural, cultural, and historical diversity. The festival took place citywide from March 6 to 31, 2017. For more information, visit