_scape with 6 and 7 at Nuit Blanche


Video Installation with Multi-Channel Sound, looped

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
October 2, 2010
Located in Zone C:

Cloud Gardens
Immediately west of 1 Richmond Street West
Suitable for all ages
(Additional Scotiabank Nuit Blanche information here.)

[Installation views, photography by David Reyes]

In _scape with 6 and 7 the rise and fall of the human form is placed at a distance from the reality of anatomy and science. The rhythmic cycle of breathing is presented as an undulating sound and land-scape, exploring and exploiting each breath as a persistent yet variable force. The land here might seem at first to be composed of eerily rolling hills, but is constituted by human chests rising and falling through the seven performers’ breaths. Framed as an anonymous and surreal terrain in motion, the flesh can be perceived as both concrete and abstract. The image is saturated in a manner that is both soothing and overpowering. The meditative tone is coupled with a persevering intensity. The focused attention on the simplicity of breathing is amplified by the plural performance. Through this video projection accompanied by surround sound, we find that each of our breaths is not singular but shared by our neighbor. We are all part of a constantly changing breathscape. Standing next to you is a person breathing.

– Christof Migone

Produced in association with:

Labspace Studio and Michelle Irving (Sound Engineer)

Performed by:

Laura Smith, Risa Kusumoto, Maya Bastian, Adam Herst, Emma Baron, Alain Parizeau, and Gram Schmalz (named from closest to camera)


Direction + Editing: Annie Onyi Cheung
Camera + Lighting: Rick Saulnier
Sound recording: Gram Schmalz, John Loerchner
Sound engineering/design: Michelle Irving
Location: Labspace Studio

Thank you to:

Rick Saulnier, Gram Schmalz, John Loerchner, Michelle Irving, Marla Hlady, Midi Onodera, Christof Migone & special thanks to all performers who generously supported this project.