Yellow Fish Festival V – Durational Performance Art Festival


August 27-31, 2018

The 5th season of the Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival focused on the theme of time passed. We asked artists and collectives to only submit work that has been previously presented to the public in years prior to 2018. With this year’s festival seeking to invite artists to show work previously presented we provided them with the support to re-examine their past through their own individual lens; communicating and presenting to the community what they believe to be vital and necessary. Through this year’s theme we cultivated a foundation that can support opportunities to acknowledge, celebrate, debate, communicate, and engage the community with the rich history of durational, performance, and time-based art that has been integral to shaping the cultural legacy of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

I was originally slated to perform in Seattle, WA as part of this year’s Yellow Fish Festival, but due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to attend. Please be sure to check out Yellow Fish Festival’s beautifully informative website for an incredible array of writing and documentation, (re)-(re)experience these durational performances by artists exploring time, time and time again.

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