7a*11d Performance Art Daily panel talk, video documentation


Many thanks to 7a*11d for inviting me to perform at their most recent festival in Autumn of 2016. During the festival, I participated in a Performance Art Daily panel talk with Chun Hua Catherine Duong, moderated by Tanya Mars. Video documentation by Alan Peng.

Video documentation from my performance How I can–well-enough (or showing my work) to be posted soon.

Performance Art Daily is a lunchtime artist “talk show” series featuring discussions with and among many of the festival’s visiting artists and organizers. It is an opportunity for the festival audience to meet and converse with our invited artists. Engage with the artists about the subjects that concern them and raise your own questions about performance art’s hot-button issues. Find out more about the ideas and theories that drive performance. Learn more about how performance art is produced and presented in other communities. The talks will be recorded live and archived online. Sessions from the previous three festivals (2010–2014) can be found on 7a*11d’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/7a11dfestival

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