Ritual/Virtual group exhibition at Anna Leonowens Gallery


Lucy Pauker & Camila Salcedo, undergraduate curators

Anna Leonowens Gallery, Gallery 2
Opening reception Monday 8 August, 5:30pm – 7PM
August 9 – 13, 2016

This group exhibition features interdisciplinary work focused on the intersection of the virtual and the habitual, or ritual. RITUAL/VIRTUAL explores the simultaneous frustration and relaxation of perpetual internet use. The exhibition showcases interdisciplinary artworks reflecting millennial culture and bridging the dichotomy between analog and virtual art practices. RITUAL/VIRTUAL is trying to filter internet trash.

One of Canadian Art’s Muset-Sees: http://canadianart.ca/must-sees/must-sees-this-week-august-4-to-10-2016/

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