Performing at the 11th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art


I’m excited to perform at the festival this year, here’s the artist line-up:

Cindy BAKER // Kate BARRY // Annie Onyi CHEUNG // Elizabeth CHITTY // Randy Lee CUTLER // Silvio DE GRACIA // Chun Hua Catherine DONG // DOYON/DEMERS // Margaret DRAGU // Bartolomé FERRANDO // Vanessa Dion FLETCHER // Serge Olivier FOKOUA // Francesco GAGLIARDI // Louise LILIEFELDT // Brianna MACLELLAN // Kevin MCKENZIE // MIKIKI // Sue MURAD // Tanja OSTOJIĆ // Graciela Ovejero POSTIGO // Joseph RAVENS // Selma SELMAN // Adrian STIMSON // Johannes ZITS //

The 11th edition of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art takes place in Toronto from October 13 to 22, 2016. Organized by the Toronto Performance Art Collective, an incorporated non-profit collective of artists, 7a*11d has built a platform for new and progressive performance art works from emerging and established artists. The collective invites performance artists from around the world to showcase the breadth and depth of contemporary performance art.

The main venue for this year’s evening events is Geary Lane, while daytime activities will take place at a variety of locations, including the Theatre Centre and OCAD U.

Many thanks to the amazing collective members who organize this biennial festival: Golboo Amani, Shannon Cochrane, Paul Couillard, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Johanna Householder, Tanya Mars, Bojana Videkanic

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